Who I Am

I am a believer and follower of Jesus. I am a husband, married over 21 years to my wonderful wife, and a father of two amazing children, adopted from Guatemala and South Korea. I am the youngest of four siblings, with one older sister and two older brothers. I am a self-taught programmer and software architect by trade, who also has a degree in journalism with a writing background.

I self-published my first book on Amazon, a collection of short stories called The Stars Will Fall, which is available on Kindle and in paperback.


The fiction I write is speculative and will fall into the category of fantasy and science fiction. Occasionally, I will dazzle you by throwing in a few cross-genre thrills and mystery. My primary intent is to entertain, regardless of what I write.

The section Liminal Spaces is for sharing personal observations about life's transitional states. It’s often humorous and always reflective, an opportunity to share about life in between the accomplishments and milestones.

More About Me

I invite you to read one or more of the following interviews if you would like to know more about me personally and my writing journey.

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If you have questions or feedback, or are interested in a collaboration that would be mutually beneficial, please contact me using my Substack email, which is futurethief@substack.com.

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Fantasy and science fiction short stories. Liminal Spaces is where I share personal observations about life's transitional states.


A wayward journalism graduate who chose writing code over writing obituaries. Both can be deadly depending on who you ask. A husband, father, brother and fellow human. I'm making broad assumptions I've not yet gone interstellar.